Adios, Stuckville.

Oh, it sucks to be stuck.  In traffic, in your head, in your relationships, career or simply life in general.  We’ve all hit a plateau or ten of fuzzy thinking, indecisiveness, mind-numbing time in front of the TV, lackadaisical days that pass in yoga pants and last century’s scrunchie or in soul-sucking cubicles while the rest of the world (‘cause  Facebook shows you so) shines, dines exquisitely, loves, travels, and succeeds … in everything.

So I’m gonna let you in on a secret weapon you can employ to get out of the rut: your home.  Yup, your home can help get you unstuck. 

Call it woo-woo or wacky or wonderful, but I believe your home is the best foundation for an inspired, happy, meaningful, out-of-orbit kind of delicious life. 

 Are you coming or going at home?

Are you coming or going at home?

The opposite can also be true. Your home can hold you back, suffocate your passions, stall your growth, perpetuate all kinds of unhappiness and keep you in Stuckville.

The variations of how either scenario plays out in your home are a big part of the soul side of work I do with clients.  Sure, sometimes you just want help figuring out a room layout and how to style it.  And sometimes you’ll discover that getting there is waaay more about understanding what your soul yearns for than the picking and placing of pretties. 

But I promise you this: if you align the spaces of your home with who you are and who you aspire to be, the path to your greatest good is wide and clear. 

A recent article by my fabulous business coach, Christine Kane, brilliantly illustrates one aspect of the soul alignment process at home.  She writes about something she hadn’t realized was holding her back:

Many many years ago, I was stalled out in my music career. So I hired a coach to help me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he was getting me to clean up my own chaotic vibration.

At that time, I had a basement filled with stuff. My assignment was to clean it out.

At one point, I started in on a corner in the basement where I stored various pieces of consignment furniture that I’d gotten at local flea markets when I first began my songwriting career. A bookcase, a kitchen table, a dresser, and a few shelves.

I no longer liked or used this furniture at all.

I had begun to cherish beauty and opulence in my surroundings. I wanted to fill my home only with items that I loved. I wanted to cultivate an abundance mindset. I wanted positive thinking in my business.

And yet, I held on to this old ugly furniture. I wouldn’t let it go. Weeks went by and there it stayed.

When my coach finally asked me why I couldn’t just let these things go, I admitted the embarrassing truth:

“Well, here’s the thing. If my music career doesn’t work out, I might need them one day. If I fail, and I don’t have any money, I might wish I had kept these things.”

Long pause.

“So, you’ll be on the street – but at least you’ll have that bookcase?”

I laughed.

What my coach said next has been a core lesson behind how I’ve created success, congruence, and happiness in my business and life.

He said that everything in our lives has energy. Everything has our thoughts and emotions embedded into it.

Old furniture is no exception. Stuff is no exception.

In essence, what I was saying to the universe and to my subconscious, creative self was this:

I believe so deeply in my own failure that I’m holding onto physical things that represent that possibility. Every time I walk by these items in my basement, I will be reminded of my inevitable failure. Every moment I’m in my house, my subconscious will know that in the very foundation of my life (my basement), there are items that prove I don’t believe in my own success.

That week, I scheduled to have the old furniture taken away by Goodwill.

I had never done that before in such a concrete way. So long chaotic vibration!

Here’s what happened:

I was recording my fourth CD as I was clearing out the basement. That CD went on to sell five times more than any of my other CD’s. It got rave reviews. It was named the top CD of the year in my category by Border’s Books & Music.

Now, even though I know this success wasn’t ONLY about letting go of my old flea market furniture, I have become a firm believer that we must pay attention to the energy of the stuff that surrounds us. We need to pay attention to what we are telling our subconscious minds when we hold on.

 At the June 2014 Uplevel LIVE event with Christine Kane!

At the June 2014 Uplevel LIVE event with Christine Kane!

Music was Christine’s first big success.  In the past decade she’s created a coaching empire guiding thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs (like me!) with programs that address both the “soul track” and the “strategy track” of successfully growing a business. 

What about you?  Are there spaces in your home that aren’t serving your highest good?  Do you hold onto things for some worst-case-scenario or out of misplaced loyalty or guilt?  Does your stuff get in the way of your dreams?


Comments, please!  Forward this to friends it might help, and share on Facebook if you’d like.  And if you need help figuring out how to align heart and home — how to jet-propel an inspired life — let’s talk!


Susan McConnell is founder and design/creativity coach at Soul Style Home.

Christine Kane is the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World. She helps women and men Uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly Uplevel You eZine goes out to over 32,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a free subscription at