Deliciously Imperfect

Welcome to the blog, in all its unrefined glory and wobbly first steps! 

I’ve been futzing and fixin’ and fighting all my perfectionist tendencies in getting this site and blog up.  Notice the banner photo and the tough-to-see heading on it?  I fell head-over-heels when I found that image and knew I had to use it. (Doesn’t it just sing of a happy, simpler life?)  

But in my “beginner” mode with everything to do with creating a website, I’m relying on a basic template, no extra, developer-level coding allowing me to fancy things up a bit. (Heck, I didn’t even know what that meant a few weeks ago!)

In this case, it means I can choose just ONE color for all page banner titles. And it's really tough to choose a single hue that will work with every image. I tried out something like 367 shades of green, then blue, then orange … ad infinitum. And then I went on hours-long hunts to switch out images that fought those colors.  And then my pants got tight from drowning my frustrations in chocolate.

So the cute little banner on this page is imperfect.  And I know you’ll forgive me. 

Here’s the thing about incessantly trying to reach perfect: it robs you of so much other joy.  It’s a moving target.  It saps the best of you. It stalls your big, shiny impact on the world. And it takes forever … because you don’t ever truly get there.

It’s the same thing with creating a home you love.  

At some point, you have to stop arguing with everything that’s wrong —the lack of storage space, the room’s insanely awkward configuration, the window orientation that doesn’t accommodate your plants’ survival, your lousy choice in paint colors, or whatever — and just grow your love for some of the imperfection.

In my I’m-staying-here-way-longer-than-expected 1948 rental house, I try to practice daily gratitude for the things that drive me nuts, some fixable, others not … like the old, funky, uninsulated, weirdly appointed kitchen.  Or the banana yellow and burgundy bathroom tiles.  (Seriously? That was a great idea, said no one, ever.)  Now I’m kind of liking the slow-growing collection of mirrors slated for a wall that keep hanging out on the dining room floor.

Because I can still prepare and consume delicious meals, and savor a candle-lit soak. The mirrors are bouncing light around as I need them to, just from a different perch.  And I can always go revel in the OTHER PLACES I’ve managed to make pretty, interesting, “totally me” sweet SOUL SPACES.

And that’s the key. Create some home happiness where and how you can and say thank-you to the rest of the crapola — until you’re ready to do some serious battle. (Which we’ll talk about another time!)

Creating a home isn’t a one-and-done venture – it’s a long and winding adventure.  Sometimes you have no idea where you’re going.  Sometimes you get to a place of surprising delight. Along the way, the scenery shifts.

Don’t let imperfections get in the way of your view!

How do you handle less than perfect at home?  'Fess up in the comments!