Home Again

On the 49th day of the house-hunt-from-hell,  I finally found what seemed like the first real contender for a new home.

On Day 50, I was invited to come take a look.  I showed up with a marketing packet — resources and references and persuasive copy on the virtues of renting to me and my dog.  (Yup!)  Before even crossing the threshold, I knew this was my place.  I stayed too long, was too chatty, and too in love … with all its crazy-good potential.

On Day 50-1/2, the owners phoned to say, “We’d love to have you and Phoebe move in.”

Everything blurred after that.  I had a week to pack, move, and start unpacking … as well as make address changes, notifications, line up help, and essentially orchestrate everything that needs to happen when one moves. 

I don’t think I’ve been quite so ridiculously happy in several years.

The 1952 stucco rancher is far from perfect, but it’s perfect for me … and just so darn cute.  Or wants to be.  Already I’m having fun being my own case study again and can’t wait to share the journey with you.

First, love it up

Whether you’ve just moved in or have been there a while, soul styling your home begins with feeling the love.  Seeing the good, being grateful, remembering those little and big things that initially made your heart sing.  Love is always the best foundation, even when you’re ready to tear down everything above it!

In my new home I’ve been reveling in all the charms and imagining how they’ll influence my creativity and design going forward.

Here are just a few of my favorite things:

heat register.jpg

Very 1950s, original heating vents.  I don’t know why, but I just LIKE THEM.  A lot! (The furnace, thankfully, is new.)

Original, stained and lacquered interior doors — a charming nod to a different era, and warm contrast to all the updated white trim.

hall doors.jpg

Original hardwood flooring — with a lighter, honey stain that is far more complementary to Phoebe’s coat (and thus extending the vacuuming procrastination). 

• The original kitchen exhaust fan.  So darn campy.

exhaust fan.jpg

A spacious, mostly well functioning, semi-updated kitchen with newer, energy-efficient appliances that do what they’re supposed to do.  I’m rediscovering cooking!

• My brand new washer and dryer, off the kitchen, in a super-sized mud/utility room.  Seriously.  I’m pretty sure I was wearing not-so-clean clothes for two years.

• The LIGHT.  OMG, the light.  On the darkest day, the light in this house is brighter than it ever was on a sunny day in the old one.  I may have to decrease my vitamin D dosage.

mountain view.jpg
moon set.jpg

• The VIEWS.  OMG, the views.  I see the sun creep above the horizon in the morning and sink below the mountains in the evening. I see the moon risings and settings, too.  And on some glorious nights, gazillions of stars come out to serenade me.  Plus, if I open my privacy-glassed bathroom window even an inch, I can see Pikes Peak while showering.  Are you jealous yet?

Large(r) living spaces that are distinct but flow together.  The house is actually tiny, but space is allocated where it counts.  Definitely the place to rediscover my entertaining chops.

French doors.jpg

• French Doors.  One small detail sets the stage for a whole buncha rule breaking.  (More on this one in a future post!)

Dogs.  Next door to us, on the other side of the alley, across the street and around the corner.  Phoebe’s making friends.


• Plenty of happy spots — in every single room. 

Ample quirks, function fails and creativity challenges to keep me busy for a long while.  Art, colors, furnishings — some things don’t know where to go, or if to be let go.  Not enough drawers, outlets and switches.  Nice big closets … missing electricity.  And you stopped the crown molding there because … ?

Minor adjustments, to be sure. My new landlords (who bought the property just weeks prior) are super responsive and friendly.  New blinds have been ordered.  Quick fixes are scheduled.   Longer term improvements discussed.


I believed that “something wonderful this way comes” and, eventually, 50 days down the road, it did. 

I’m over-the-moon excited to have found just the right place to create home again.  Stay tuned!


Susan signature_2.jpg