Home is so much more than an address — it's the magic you create inside of it. It's the foundation of your inspired life. It's uniquely you and yours.    

How's your home working for you?  Does it lift you up? Calm you down? Inspire your best? Does it delight your eyes, feel the way you want it to feel, function as you need it to? Does it synch to your heart's many rhythms? 

Or is some of the magic missing?



Welcome to Soul Style Home — 

the creative, heart-centered path

to an inspired, authentic

and beautiful home.

Get ready to RECALIBRATE, RE-IMAGINE and REINVENT the experience and beauty of home with a different kind of interior design process. One that starts on the inside of you and flows into all the spaces of your home. You're going to LOVE it. 

Come on in!


"You have something to offer that so many designers don't. You aren't creating a cookie-cutter picture. You're helping people turn their homes into a reflection of themselves. You're helping people create what life should be about: discovering ourselves and reveling in what we find." —Barb Nickless