Unhappy with some aspect of your home? • Experiencing big changes in who you are or want to become? • Stalled with something in your life? (Your home can help get things moving again!) • Choosing to improve, rather than move? • Transitioning your home after divorce or loss? • Downsizing or upsizing? • Decorating your first place? • Starting from scratch after a disaster? (I understand — I've been there, too.)

Your home isn't just a container for your stuff; it's what holds the story of your life.  When the story changes, home can, too.  It's not just making it pretty.  It's making it SING TO YOUR SOUL. 

Are you ready to create a Soul Style Home? 

If you’re starting over after a life transition (or even just starting out), just the thought of “where to begin” can leave you spinning. 

If you’ve made a “mistake” decorating your home, fixing it may seem impossible. 

If you’ve figured out what’s wrong, but have no idea what would be right, help is on the way.

WHATEVER YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES, I’ll help you pinpoint what is and isn’t working in your space, or how to begin when the canvas is blank. Together, we’ll devise solutions that fit you and your budget.  

Sometimes we'll figure out quick fixes —think color story, fresh accents or some room rearranging. Other times we'll take on more complex projects — major clutter clearing, deep cleansing, or even clearing the decks to create everything anew. It's always, in all ways, completely up to you. 

WHEREVER YOU ARE, WITH WHATEVER YOU HAVE, together we'll make your home look, feel and flow authentically with your soul, your style.




IF YOU WANT TO WORK DIRECTLY WITH ME, I offer in-home and phone Consults, roll-up-our-sleeves Solution Sessions, and a customized Soul Style Blueprint to keep your creative fires burning long after I've left the premises or call. I also offer stay-on-course Coaching options.

Ready to commit to big, juicy, whole home / whole soul transformation? I customize one, two and three-day Soul Style Sojourns to make that happen — and I'm with you every step of the way.  Will I travel?  You bet!

IF YOU WANT TO WORK ON YOUR OWN, find some inspiration on the Blog or join the Facebook page. When you're ready to roll, grab a copy of the (coming soon) Super Soul Style Workbook — and get going!

If you want to explore the meaning of home with others, check out the creative Workshops I'm planning... or suggest one you'd like me to create for you!

Ready to commit to transforming soul and home? Let's talk about it.  Email me to schedule a conversation!