Hi, there!  

I'm Susan McConnell and I'm SO glad you're here!  If you're like me — and I bet you are — home is deeply important to you.  Not just how it looks, but also how it feels and functions.  How it supports you and your family, practically AND soulfully.


Soul Style Home is the merging of my passions

for people, for story, and for beautiful spaces.  

I've been a lifelong writer (professionally and creatively),

a lifelong student and practitioner of design,

and a mentor and coach to many along the way. 

It's one thing to have an address; it's another to create inside of it a unique and divine sense of HOME.  I'd accomplished that several times, in several places, without ever really thinking too much about it. I just loved my homes ... and most of the time, they loved me back!

But the deep significance of this sacred place, of its soul-sustaining capacity, knocked me upside the head when a wildfire destroyed my house and everything in it.

There I was in midlife, far from family, woefully under-insured and suddenly without so much as a spatula to my name — let alone a soft bed, a cozy spot to settle in, or a piece of pretty artwork to gaze upon.

It was a no-good, horrible, awful time.  

But only for a while.  A slow, long stretch of will-I-ever-get-there while.

As daunting as the process of starting from scratch was, the journey became — and continues to be — its own awesome reward.  This time around, I wasn't just making it gorgeous, I was intentionally creating a SOUL SPACE.  I became my own case study to better understand how design can create the unique, sometimes intangible sense of home.  I grew my knowledge by researching, talking to other disaster survivors, studying, and applying design psychology principles.  I fell madly in love with what I was learning.

And I want to share all of it with you! 

Start by exploring this site, read the blog, follow Soul Style Home on Facebook. Got questions?  Ideas?  Want to work with me?  It's as easy as shooting me an email.  

You can also "join the tribe" by clicking on the small green box on any page .... that means I'll send periodic updates your way.

Home matters.  When we intentionally design it to reflect and nourish our souls (with our unique version of pretty), we are fueling our best selves to take out into the world.  

How cool is that?

I'm over-the-moon excited to share a Soul Style Home journey with you.

Your soul + your style = pure home love!

With love and creativity,