Soul Style YOUR home ... with me or on your own

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Engage a professionally mentored (that's me) or self-guided (that's you) process that honors YOU in beautiful, purposeful and spirit-driven design.

We begin with YOU ... who you are, what you do, how you define yourself.  Is something new or challenging or exciting happening in your life right now?  Are your dreams coming true?  What motivates you to Soul Style?  THEN we'll explore how your home does and doesn't serve you.  And from there, we hatch a plan to transform your home into the soul space you crave.

Some design principles are timeless and we'll call on them when we want.  But we'll primarily blaze your own design trail, which could mean ...

It's not about following the latest trends. It's about discovering your unique tastes and anchoring them in your design.

It's not about following someone else's rules. It's knowing how and when to break them by establishing your own aesthetics.  Think you're not creative?  I'll help you discover that you ARE!

More often than not, we'll go heavy on re-design and l-i-g-h-t on mass renovation. Much easier on your wallet (and your sanity) and gives your soul some extra helpings of happiness!

Explore the options below, then shoot me an EMAIL to schedule an informational, no-pressure, get-acquainted chat.

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Together we're better

In-home consultations available along the Colorado Front Range, from Trinidad to Fort Collins.  Coaching available wherever you are!  What are you ready to commit to?

DISCOVERY QUESTIONNAIRE — a useful warm-up exercise that gets you laser-focused on your concerns, purpose and vision, and helps me prepare for our time together. 

SOUL STYLE CONSULT —  90 minute or three-hour session in your home or by phone.  A great option when you're starting from scratch, aren't sure of what you want or need, or just want to brainstorm ideas. 

SOUL STYLE BLUEPRINT — a detailed written report based on a consult, with clear action steps to take, prioritization, resources and more.

SOUL STYLE SOLUTION SESSION — We've figured out a plan of attack; now we roll up our sleeves and get to work!  Each session is sculpted to your needs. Some possibilities: Re-purpose/Rearrange Your Space  Selecting & Incorporating Color Palettes • Clearing & Cleansing Your Space • Curating & Display: Art and Accessories • Choosing & Purchasing Art • Senior Household Downsizing: What to Keep and What to Share • Blending Design Differences • Bringing YOUR Personality into the Room • Fixing Function & Flow Challenges • Making Room for your Passions • Lighting it Up (or down!) • Staging it For Sale

SOUL STYLE COACHING — A series of scheduled phone coaching and email support to keep you on track, help you problem-solve, and inspire your ongoing creativity.  I'll design a package just for you.

SOUL STYLE SOJOURN — One, two or three-day intensive for the ULTIMATE in Soul Styling!  A HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE TO FULLY ALIGN SOUL, STYLE AND HOME.  May include discovery exercises, space editing, visioning, shopping, arranging,  Blueprint and more.  Ideal when you're ready to significantly transform life and home.  

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Solo Soul Style

coming soon

SUPER SOUL STYLE COMPASS — a go-it-alone, at your own speed DIY workbook and journal for creating a Soul Style Home. Powerful self and space assessment tools, insight exercises, design strategies, visioning and more.