Workshops Available:


Your soul + your style = pure home love.  That's the idea, but how do you get there?

This workshop is for women who...

     • are in the midst of change or want to jump start it

     • are starting over, just starting out, of simply stuck

     • need help figuring out authentic style

     • are finally ready to transform home into a SOUL SPACE

And here's what's included...

     • The foundations of Soul Styling

     • Techniques & tips to make home look, feel, function and flow YOUR way, no matter your budget or level of creative confidence

     • Wisdom, insights and encouragement from your peers

     • On-the-spot coaching for design dilemmas

     • And more!

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Writing Home workshop

In this one-day writing workshop we'll explore the meaning and experience of home from a variety of vantage points  — as a physical place, emotional landscape, and soul-defining experience — across the continuum, from childhood to present.  What was your childhood home like?  What imprint did it leave?  How did it impact your first home-away-from-home?  How does your home today relate to that first significant place?  Does it align with your heart's yearnings?  Does it serve you and your family well?  This workshop will be more a reflective journey on the page than a craft workshop, but can be tailored to skew either way according to the group's needs.  Initial location will be Colorado Springs, CO, but potential to bring the workshop to other communities.

Interested? Email me!


Starting from Scratch after Disaster workshop

Recreating home after a disaster is a journey you never expected to take, and the process can be overwhelming.  You just want to feel "at home" again, and sooner rather than later. How do you prioritize and go about setting up a household, purchasing furniture, and decorating this new (or new to you) place? Have you already settled into your new place and yet ... it just doesn't feel like home?  Learn practical and creative strategies to help you get where you want to be: home again. This workshop can travel to your community. 

Contact me to discuss your interest.